#0 10.5mt Ducted Vacuum Blue Hose Sock

10.5mt Ducted Vacuum Blue Hose Sock



'Vacsoc' padded hose sock is a protective cover for your ducted vacuum hose. A hose sock will help prevent scratches, dents, chips and scuff marks which may be caused by your ducted vacuum hose rubbing against furniture and fittings in your home. It will protect bannisters, walls, floors, furnishings, skirting boards, architraves and mouldings. 'Vacsoc' padded hose socks are made from a quilted material offering even more protection than a knitted hose sock, with the convenience of a zip for easy removal when you want to wash it. This sock is 35' or 10.67 metres in length making it suitable for 10 or 12 metre ducted vacuum hoses.